EaaS to Linux Servers

PriVerify's Unique Security Edge

  • Foundation First. Many have left entropy, the critical common pillar of security, to be an afterthought.
  • We solved the "chicken and the egg problem" associated with securing entropy distribution.
  • The PriVerify team focuses on comprehensively solving one problem at a time.

"SECFd" drop-in, plug-and-play Linux solution

5.76 Gigabits/hr Quantum Entropy

  • Quantitatively maximize security posture for each of your Linux servers, physical, virtual, and cloud
  • Solutions delivers maximum acheivable cryptographic strength as the entropy source that we provide is 99.987% pure Quantum Non-Deterministic Entropy
  • Entropy sourced from distinct, independent systems
  • Meticulously engineered to meet or exceed an extensive list of national and international specifications
  • Robust, continuous health test at every layer
  • High throughput, cryptographically strong streams continuously available to your applications for seeds, keys generation, salts, nonces, and initialization vectors (IVs)


  • Simple. No development required and you can literally have fortified your first linux server/instance in 5 minutes.
  • Marketable. With the inclusion of PriVerify EaaS, you can differentiate your company's products and services to the ever increasingly security focused buyer.
  • Financially Prudent. Maximum Security ROI given quantitative models for cyber security risk mitigation.

For Developers

Demonstrations of need for entropy

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